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Trade Up

Dreaming of a Bigger Diamond?

How it works: Bring any diamond of more than 0.50 ct. and we will credit you with its current market value to your trade up. Any diamond means any old diamond; good, bad, or ugly, for a new, bigger, or better quality diamond. All we ask is that you make an equal value contribution from your own pocket.

For example, say we decide the value for your diamond is $2,500. With your minimum contribution of $2,500 (or more if you want a bigger diamond), you select your own Barnes Jewelry diamond valued at $5,000 or above. It's that simple!

Trade up again and again. Some clients have actually traded down in weight, but their whiter and brighter Barnes Jewelry diamond looks bigger and outshines the old stone due to superior cutting techniques and proper proportioning.

The trade up program applies to natural diamonds with natural, non-enhanced color or clairty. Come in to the store for a free assessment of your old diamond's trade up value.

If your original diamond to be traded is from Barnes Jewelry, the trade up requirement is reduced to 150% of the original value, rather than the standard 200% increase.

It’s that easy.